Galloping into 2024: Outhorse Your Email With An Icelandic Horse

Galloping into 2024: Outhorse Your Email With An Icelandic Horse

Welcome to 2024!  I've been gathering my thoughts on the type of emails to send my customers this year and have done some research.  I do like to keep it fun and I as not only as a jewelry artist and a horse lover too I found something funny to share.  I know it isn't jewelry related but does that really matter?  

Imagine this: you're on a relaxing vacation and your work emails are pouring in attempting to ruin your vacation. No worries, because there's an whimsical solution from Iceland – Outhorse your email.

Yes, you heard it right. This is a service straight from the land of ice and fire, where Icelandic horses don't just graze in meadows; they also moonlight as email writers! Don't believe me? Check out their hilarious video on youtube.

Someone created a huge keyboard for the horses to walk on and top it off you get to pick your horse to write your email! This was a fun idea to promote tourism in Iceland, a place I would love to go for a horse tour.

Imagine your colleagues receiving an email written by a majestic Icelandic steed. It's the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your out-of-office responses. Picture the confusion, the laughter, and the sheer disbelief as they wonder, "Did a horse just send me an email?"   

As we head into the new year, let's embrace the laughter and joy that quirky services like this one can bring. Because if you can't laugh about email correspondence written by horses, what can you laugh about? If you sent me one, I would be so happy!   

Stay tuned for more stories and here's to a great 2024 – I'm ready for the journey!

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