Laura Robson is best know for her use of industrial materials in combination with precious metals and stones that gracefully adorn the body.  “I believe industrial materials have a place in modern jewelry making.”  Inspired by blacksmithing and architectural ironworks, Laura sculpts, bends, twist and hammers steel to create elegant and strong jewelry that makes a bold statement.  While her jewelry has changed throughout her art career dating back to the late 90’s, the use of alternative materials has always been part of her designs.


I do my best to create art as featured in the product photographs. As these pieces are handcrafted, please allow for slight variations in shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. I aim to be as accurate as possible in accordance to the design, aesthetic, and provided descriptions.


How to care for steel jewelry?

Steel is a lightweight and durable material that is great for jewelry. Your steel jewelry is coated to prevent rust, however I recommend removing your steel jewelry before showering or swimming. The black finish on your steel jewelry is durable, however over time and wear it may become lighter or brighter. If you would like your steel jewelry returned to its original matte black, simply email,  laura@laurarobsondesign.com to request information.

What do I do if my jewelry needs repaired or refinished?  I stand by the quality of my jewelry and will repair any damage due to my defects for the lifetime of the product.  To request a repair, please email laura@laurarobsondesign.com

Enjoy! Laura