Unexpected Delight: Spotting My Earrings in the Wild

Unexpected Delight: Spotting My Earrings in the Wild

The other day, I had a delightful surprise while running errands – a chance encounter with one of my fantastic customers. There she was, effortlessly rocking a pair of my black steel hoop earrings at the store.

It's always special to see someone enjoying and styling my creations in their daily life. She looked great and I couldn't resist capturing the moment as she reached for something on the top shelf.

It's these unexpected encounters that remind me of the connection between the pieces I create and the wonderful individuals who choose to make them a part of their personal style. Seeing my jewelry out in the world, enhancing someone's confidence and beauty, is truly the heartwarming highlight of being a jewelry artist.

To the lovely customer who made my day with that spontaneous run-in – thank you for making my earrings a part of your everyday style. Your effortless grace was the best advertisement I could have asked for.  

Here's to more unexpected moments of joy and style in the everyday journey!

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