Black earrings

Beautiful lady!

Today I was at an art show in Indian Wells, near Palm Springs and this beautiful woman bought this pair of earrings. … Petting a horse wearing a black oval bracelet

A black steel bracelet and a beautiful horse!

My horses had their feet trimmed today while I just happen to be wearing my black oval bracelet! inspired by blacksmithing it … Heading to town with big hoop earrings on

We all wear earrings when we go recycle cans…right?!

Is it just me? Or, do we all put earrings on to go out even if it just to go recycle cans? … Small black oval earrings

Earrings of the day

I am going to wear these earrings today! Why? I want something small today, (normally I go big), something featherlight as I … Black halo necklace with mask

Out and about wearing a mask and my Halo Necklace!

Im not sure how much longer we are going to have to mask up but I kind of feel like when I … Large Hoop earrings and Wave Necklace

Heading into town today wearing a Wave Necklace and Large Hoop earrings!

Time to go do a little shopping in the big city of Bend today! I am one of those people that can’t …